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We believe success is created one client at a time. We strive to obtain 100% satisfaction for each and every one of our clients. We provide honest, quality service. The best compliment we can receive is a referral to your family or friends. 

What people have to say about us

“When we wanted to sell our Gambier Island property, Frances was highly recommended by a good friend of ours. Frances did a wonderful job marketing our property and bringing interested buyers to view it. We had agreed at the outset the price we wanted and not once did Frances pressure us to sell it below our desired price even though it did not sell quickly. We found her patient, hard working and lovely to deal with. She was very professional at all times. Best of all she successfully got us the price we wanted. We would highly recommend Frances to anyone buying or selling their home or cabin!“

Andrew Rigg and Mary McPhail

Andrew Rigg, Mary McPhail

Dear Frances,

Thank you so much for all your help with our move to Bowen. We love it here, and as we get more settled by the day our gratitude for your wisdom and guidance grows. You've made a dream come true!

Warmly, A and P

A and P

Frances Frost and Felicity Buskard make a great team.
The photos and video of my property for sale were extremely well done.
Frances knew when to put my home on the market - timing is everything and the listing price was spot on.
She is very calming and straight forward in her approach and if you trust her judgement of your property you will be satisfied and happy with the sale of your home - I was!
Gail Thompson

Gail Thompson
Bowen Island

"Frances made moving to Bowen a charm. As first time home-buyers, she helped us with questions large and small, and provided us with all the support to make the transition as smooth as possible. Frances has a deep knowledge of the Island and the local housing market - and she's timely, thorough and a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend her services."

A and P
Bowen Island

"It has been a dream of ours for years to buy on Bowen, and we are so grateful to Frances for helping make that a reality for us this Spring. Frances was wonderful to work with, and with her professionalism and local knowledge helped make the process stress free. She went above and beyond, was tireless and generous with her time, and continued to help and advise us about inspectors and trades even after we closed the sale."

Thanks Frances!!
CB and BB


Frances and Felicity guided us through the process of buying a suitable place on Bowen Island. We are pleased to have found a nice property, after they showed us a range of listings and advised us during the house-hunting phase. Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge.

-- Shelley

Bowen Island

We had the pleasure of working with Frances and Felicity recently. Their depth of knowledge combined with professional and personal approach to the process made the experience as worthwhile as the new home they helped us find. Thank you F & F! Jenn and Udi.

Udi and Jenn

"Frances and Felicity are a very personable, trustworthy, and professional team. The vast knowledge they have to share about the island and all the wonderful things it has to offer was instrumental in our finding the right home. Thank you, Frances and Felicity!"   - Louise

Louise Howard
Bowen Island

Felicity was instrumental in finding our dream property and we are very happy. She was proactive, professional and did her due diligence when showing us places to consider and finalizing our final purchase. Thank you Felicity!

Sara Nicolson and Danny Vermette

Hi Frances,

Thank you so much for that last "Open House".  

We were very impressed that you took such good care of our house because I couldn't be there.  It is worrisome to have a house unoccupied this time of year.  It was such a relief to be kept in the loop and feel we were being taken care of when we were so far away.  You looked in on the house every day and kept us informed that there were no frozen pipes or vandalism.  You checked the gutters and let us know when the house was being showed. 

You were our realtor when we bought the house in 1999.  You made sure we bought a well built, sound house.  We loved the house.  It seems like deja vu that you were our realtor when we needed to down size this year.

Thank you for being so conscientious,

Bob and Sharon

Bob and Sharon Waters
1321 Eaglecliff Road, Bowen Island BC

I have seen many TV ads about Re/Max Realty and they have always impressed me.  A year ago, I was in a position to sell my lot which was vacant land.  Being out of the country and living over 4,500 miles away, I was fortunate to have a friend recommend Frances Frost as my realtor.  At that time, neither one of us knew just how difficult this undertaking was going to be.  Frances immediately started the process to sell my lot.  She was very knowledgeable of the market and very confident of selling the lot.  Over a year later, the lot sold.  I know and am seriously positive that without Frances' expertise and determination, this lot would not have sold. There were some extremely difficult times and Frances rose to each occasion with positive enthusiasm and professionalism.  Frances went above and beyond in order to accomplish this sale. There are not enough words. Thank you Frances for a job extremely well done. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Frances to anyone looking for a realtor.


I recently had the pleasure of using Frances during the emotionally difficult sale of a family cottage on Bowen Island. I found her calm professional approach just what was needed to take the process from beginning to end. There were some unexpected 'bumps in the road' that neither of us could have predicted and Frances was so helpful in keeping things on track. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

C Hansen

We have had the pleasure working with Frances Frost as both purchasers and sellers. Frances is very knowledgeable about the local market. She is professional and resourceful. When it was time to sell our property we did not hesitate in calling Frances knowing that we would be well represented. As an added bonus we were able to connect with Frances when we needed to through the North Vancouver Remax office which saved a bunch of time for us.

L and D Akenclose
Bowen Island

It was a real pleasure working with Felicity Buskard. She was organized, very professional, and she was with us through every step of the buying process. She is also well informed about the Bowen Island market.

Ross and Meribeth
Bowen Island

When we decided to move to beautiful Bowen Island we were both new to the area, and first time home owners. I can't express how much I appreciated both Frances and Felicity's honest, personable and no pressure attitude when helping us find our first home. I also really appreciated their patience and candidness when answering all of the questions (over and over on several occasions) we had with regard to home ownership and living on the island.

Also, it's one thing to have a Realtor show you around a neighbourhood, but to have someone who has been living on Bowen Island and who are involved and as passionate about the community as they were, was a real treat. It was also a great preview of the friendly and wonderful people we would later get to know here.

Gene and Stephanie

Gene and Stephanie

Frances worked with us to sell a large semi-rural property and house with sweeping ocean views from a forest vantage point that would require a buyer who would enjoy the views, quiet and the year round physical activity the property offered.

We were not the easiest clients to work with having high expectations of Frances capabilities and our own high work and travel commitments. Throughout the process, Frances provided updated and comprehensive market data and worked with us through the rapid changes in market conditions.

As our time was valuable, Frances vetted potential buyers and only showed the property to serious potential purchasers. When offers were made, she worked with us optimizing a complex close. After the sale was done she actively monitored the progress of the close and ensured it remained on

Zoë Thorbergson M.AnimalSc., Tom Mitchell B.A.Sc, MSc. P.Eng.

Greetings from Bowen Island! I cannot describe how much we LOVE our new house and how much we ENJOY living here! We think of you very frequently and are so grateful that it was you who helped us securing this gem!

We highly appreciated your honesty and integrity and your approach that is based on mutual loyalty and trust, rather than paper signing. We also appreciated that when you tried to understand our likes and dislikes, it felt more like house-matching, that went way beyond typical way of trying to understand number of rooms required, square footage, location etc. You took time to observe us to see what makes us HAPPY! You put your soul into it, to make sure we get the house where we will be happy in!

Even though you saw how thrilled and eager we were about the purchase, you did not take advantage of the situation, you kept your cool and helped us to secure better pricing! And, even though we knew you had other deals on the go, you still made us feel like we were the only clients on earth!

Thank you very much, Francis and I hope our experience will help other people make their realtor choice on Bowen .


When looking for our home on Bowen, Frances was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Her knowledge of every aspect of the island along with her businesslike approach as well as her patience and sensible advice were very much appreciated and made the whole experience both enjoyable and rewarding. We would highly recommend Frances to anyone looking for a home on Bowen.

Lisa and Mike

I have had Frances as my realtor on two separate occasions, the second time for over a year as my house was a hard one to sell. I can say that she has been the most hard-working and efficient and intelligent realtor I have ever worked with - and I have worked with many in my 78 years.

She is not only completely professional in her work, but goes the extra mile in often doing some task more expected of a friend than a realtor. I have only lived part time at the property I sold through her, and she has been kind enough on many occasions to check the house for something I had not been able to do while I was there.

And a final bonus - while Frances is thoroughly business-like in all our business dealings, she is also a really lovely person and always has time to share a joke or a good story! Now that my house is sold successfully, I shall miss her visits!

Carla Reed

Frances Frost was instrumental in helping me to find my dream property.

Although I had decided again the particular property I ended up buying, Frances kept bringing me back to see the property as she seemed to know, much better than myself, where I would be most happy on Bowen. Frances knows the Island, the neighbourhoods, and many individual properties, inside out and she won't hesitate to tell you the cons as well as the pros. Every morning I wake up on Bowen Island, look out at my beautiful trees and gorgeous view and I smile. Thanks again Frances!!!


Without a doubt, Frances is just the realtor you need if you are looking to buy, sell or build on Bowen Island. She knows the island inside and out which enabled her to answer any question we had. She has raised her family there and is actively involved in the community which allowed her to share experiences with us, especially the ferry. When we first started to look at Bowen she showed us a variety of homes and then our plans turned to looking at building lots. Frances thought nothing of helping us climb the rough terrain and find the lot line stakes. Her negotiation skills are excellent and her professionalism a refreshing change to other realtors we've worked with in the past. She knows her island, its people and will work hard to ensure your needs are met.

Jayne and Don

Thank you so much for everything. We could not have done it without you, your experience and expertise. Christina and I are thrilled. We both feel that we got exactly what we have been looking for and it could not have been simpler and come together better. You did a great job and we feel very lucky to have had you on our team.

Jon and Christina

What can we say about Frances?

A lot. And all of it good :^)

We engaged Frances to help us find the waterfront property of our dreams. We had some pretty tight criteria - west facing, easy water access, private, and we had a firm budget in mind. We were willing to look at renovation possibilities, or building new.

Frances was very responsive and thorough, right from our first call to her. In two quick visits to the island, she very professionally showed us all of the available properties that met our criteria. She totally heard what we were looking for, only showed us appropriate properties, and was very patient with us - there was no pressure or 'hard sell' at all.

After we had exhausted the possibilities and had not found 'it', she said she would keep us in the loop if anything came up that she thought we would be interested in. Within a couple of weeks, a wonderful property became available. She showed it to us, and we fell in love with it at first sight. She then saw us through the entire process of our transaction, from first offer to completion, which in our unusual case, took over ten months!

Our transaction was a complicated one, for several reasons, but with absolutely no fault of Frances. She stayed the course, always acting in our best interests, and helping us through some difficult issues that arose - all in a consistent, thorough and highly professional manner.

Frances was also a prompt and professional correspondent in all matters. This was very important to us, and we were grateful for her availability and her thoroughness.

We would not hesitate to recommend Frances to anyone looking to buy and/or sell a Bowen property. It is very clear that she knows the island intimately and that she is a very respected and highly professional real estate agent.

J & D

When we made the decision to buy a home on Bowen Island we were very fortunate to engage Frances as our Agent. Living in Alberta meant we had to look at properties over several weekend visits. Frances was always able to accommodate our timetable and provide information ahead. She always promptly responded to our phone calls, and due to her extensive knowledge of Bowen could answer our questions or give us the information of where to find the answers. Patient, and with a gentle sense of humour, working with Frances to find our dream home was a pleasure. We would not hesitate to recommend her services.

KD and MD

We have used Frances for two transactions on Bowen Island and the first time we used her we learned what we should look for in a Realtor which made choosing her the second time very easy.

Selecting an Realtor is much more than going with the one who tells you what you want to hear, especially about price. Selection is to pick the right person who communicates the right approach for you and who has a track record of transactions regarded as successful by her clients.

When we used Frances the first time, we observed the following;

  • She was always active. We received her questions, answers and suggestions on strategy for our approval. We discovered that she is very good at moving the other party towards a transaction while keeping our interests on the forefront
  • Frances did not have the highest number of sales on Bowen which, for us, was a good thing. She dedicated all the time needed to us and was always motivated to the transaction. We wanted a Realtor who had clients who were the most satisfied with the prices achieved - not necessarily the one with the most sales. Basing one's choice of Realtor on who has the most sales, in our view, does not always lead to the best outcome for the client.
  • What we really appreciate was how Frances conveyed the realistic market situation to us. Her approach was to be honest, not mislead and only present herself and the market in a way that she knew could meet our expectation. She prefers to not be selected by a client if she feels she cannot meet their expectations.
  • We found that, with her intimate knowledge of Bowen properties and other Realtors, Frances demonstrated she was working in our interests by giving us advice that was in our interests, when it would have been easier for her to simply recommend acceptance of the other party's proposal.
  • There were times when Frances would run across an issue outside of her knowledge and she would clearly point us in the proper direction. In our last transaction she was quick to advise us to get legal advice when when an issue arose.
  • Frances is honest, diligent, caring and very hard working. She is traditional in the sense that she looks to have more than a business relationship with her clients. We have become personal friends yet, when we were considering a second Bowen transaction, her philosophy was that we should pick the Realtor that was best for our needs.
  • We recently recommended her for the listing of three properties. I spent well over an hour conveying my thoughts on Frances to the Owner as well as on the Bowen Market. She was selected by the Seller after all Realtors on Bowen had been interviewed.
  • What I have learned is that Frances approaches transactions for her clients in the exact way she would buy or sell properties for her own account. That is rare and it has made a very positive difference to our Bowen Island transactions.

Dennis M.

As we were coming from out-of-province and only for a few days, we had very limited time at the coast for viewing houses, and we also had very specific requirements. Frances identified properties to view and, as we drove to each house, she told us about the area each house was in, as well as good background information on each house well beyond what was in the listing. We did a second viewing of the house that perfectly fitted with what we wanted but after that, the offer, counter-offer, inspection, closing, etc. was by email, phone and text message. Her knowledge of the island and the process made for a smooth, problem-free experience.

Keith Ashley

We are sitting here with wine , and our dog- lol- enjoying this amazing view. Just arrived for good just this afternoon!!! Its still a common joke for us about our many, many Realtors in different provinces, states, countries . We have never been happy ...but they were never YOU. Thanks again sweetheart- we so appreciate how you do business. And anytime you want to pop by to see our updates feel free :)

Pauulet and Rob

We have had the pleasure of working with Frances to identify a property on Bowen Island that was right for us. This started with emails from the other side of the world to arrange a preliminary 'look-see' visit to the island, then another 6 months of receiving listing updates from her website's and emailing her questions, and then a further 6 months of living on the island and visiting numerous properties with her. Through all of this Frances was very accommodating and helpful and we are very comfortable with the house we finally chose. Her local knowledge and contacts are a great help, especially when purchasing a property on an island. A very big thank you to Frances for her patience throughout our process and the comfortable manner in which the deal was closed for all parties.

Craig Pearman

My wife and I are very happy with the professional and friendly help we received from Frances. She focused our search on properties that met our needs, wants and dreams. Frances provided us with up to date market information that helped us make an informed decision, and facilitated all negotiations on our behalf. Ultimately she achieved a significant discount on the purchase price! We are extremely happy with our new home and we couldn't have done it without her help. We highly recommend Frances to anyone looking to buy on Bowen Island, and in fact have already recommended her to friends who are considering a purchase here in the near future.

Thank you,

Martin Pykalo, MRAIC, B Arch, LEED A.P.

Frances worked with us for over a year to find the perfect home for our family on Bowen Island. We loved her no pressure approach and her ability to guide us through the evolving market here. We have and will continue to recomend her to our friends and family as she is a pleasure to work with and gets the job done! Thanks Frances!

Felicity and Matt Van Dyke

Dealing with Frances Frost made our real estate purchase of property on Bowen Island an easy process. As we were from out of province, her in depth knowledge of the market on Bowen Island was invaluable to us. She provided us with good advice and opinions whenever we need them and she was able to guide us through the entire transaction. We would not hesitate to recommend France to anyone interested in buying property on Bowen Island.

G.W. and N.O.

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