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First Time Buyers

Although the home buying process can be overwhelming at times, the key to a smooth transaction for most purchasers is education, preparation and guidance from a professional REALTOR. Determining what you want and need in a home, combined with the knowledge of current housing market conditions will go a long way in easing your mind, especially if they are done before you begin your search.

For example, where would you like to live? Would you like to be close to the office? In the downtown core? Or would you prefer to live in a more rural community, away from the hustle and bustle of city life?

What about the characteristics of the home? How many bedrooms would you like? Bathrooms? Do you need a large kitchen? Is a garage important? How about lot size? Are you willing to sacrifice location for size and price?

Finally, are you prepared to renovate? Or would you prefer a new home in an established neighbourhood? What about the condominium lifestyle?

Other considerations include:

  • Market conditions: Is it a buyers market? A sellers market? A balanced market? How will each market affect me? Are prices on the rise or on the decline? Are mortgage rates steady or dropping? What areas are hot with purchasers?
  • The economic outlook: Are storm clouds on the horizon? Will housing prices decline as a result? When is the right time to buy?
  • Schools: How are the public schools in the area you are considering? Are private schools in close proximity as well? How about amenities such as parks and tennis courts?

So many questions! Don’t worry, We are here to help you. Talk to us about what to look for in your new home. With years of knowledge and experience, We are an excellent source of information.

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